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ALBANE CARRERE (mezzo-soprano)

The french mezzo-soprano Albane Carrère was born in Vienna (Austria)

As a solo mezzo-soprano at the Rouen opera house, where she was engaged for a season, she sang in the rôles of the second lady in Mozart's "Die Zauberflöte", Karolka (Jenufa-Janacek). She also sang Vivaldi's motets at the Brussels "Bozar" and is a finalist in the annual audition of the CFPL. Discover his velvety voice, his talent as an actress, an address book, calendar.

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ETIENNE RAPPE (pianist - choir and orchestra)

Born in Namur in 1965, Etienne Rappe is a pianist graduated from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. He currently teaches at the Royal Conservatory of Liege.

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ARIA (chamber orchestra)

In residence at the Regional Cultural Centre Eden - Palace of Fine Arts in Charleroi in 2005, the chamber orchestra Aria is an original concept of Belgian cultural landscape. It consists of the best young musicians of the country, from the Royal Conservatory or students at the end of the cycle in these institutions.

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TERRA NOVA (symphony)

Founded and led by Etienne Rappe since 1990 as an adjunct of the choir Terra Nova, he accompanied strings and flutes for parts of concerts, the orchestra Terra Nova has grown to reach an effective orchestra capable of performing the works of the classical and romantic eras.

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TERRA NOVA (Mixed Choir for 4 voices)

Terra Nova is a choral and orchestral ensemble in the region of Namur, Belgium. A single passion drives the musicians of classical music. Be part of Terra Nova, is to discover the world of music and share his passion.

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ERIC BETTENS (composer - musician)

Music composer especially documentary film, award-winning compositions

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NAMUR SYMPHONY CHORUS  (the French Community of Belgium)

Director: Patrick Baton

In 1990, the Symphonic Choir of Namur and the French Community of Belgium was created. This occurred under the baton of conductors such as highly regarded Pierre Bartholomew, Günter Neuhold, Leopold Hager, Ronald Zollman, Pierre Cao, Alexander Myrat, Steven Mercurio, Frank Shipway, Avi Ostrowski, Grant Llewellyn, Heinz Wallberg, Lionel Friend Louis Langrée ... His repertoire includes only major choral works of the 19th and 20th centuries ...

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The Royal Conservatory of Liège offers graduate of type long, the university level.

Decree promoting the integration of higher education in the European area of ​​higher education teaching (Decree says "Bologna") has been implemented since the academic year in September 2004.

For the field "Music" studies are organized in five years divided into two cycles.

ENSEMBLE ARIA (chamber orchestra under the direction of Etienne Rappe))

Support young professional musicians in the enthusiasm and competence

Musical domain

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